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Preserving Your Car

When it comes to our cars, we depend heavily on these machines for a variety of reasons. For starters, getting around with the speed a car allows is paramount to success in the modern world. Cars also offer us a lot of freedom as far as recreation goes. Cars can be expensive, however, and they […]

E-Bugster Cabriolet: The Yummiest VW Beetle Ever?

Better watch out, there’s something on the horizon that’s going to drive teenage girls from coast to coast absolutely wild. If you are a parent of a teenage gal, you best get your ear plugs ready and hide your check book and credit cards. There’s a new Beetle convertible a-coming, and it just might be […]

Man Lives in Abandoned Packard Auto Plant

Allan Hill has proven that one man’s garage is indeed another man’s treasure, for he calls an abandoned Packard auto plant home. And, he does so legally and better than you had probably imagined. Hill’s former Detroit auto plant is equipped with features that you and I have come to expect in anyplace we would […]

Chicago-Built Ford Explorer Gets New Engine, Sportier

The 2013 Ford Explorer is going to get a 3.5-liter, 350-hp twin-turbocharged Ecoboost engine increasing the number of Ford vehicles powered by the strong, fuel-efficient engines. The Explorer’s 350-hp is the same drivetrain powering the Ford Taurus SHO. These highly-powered Ecoboost engines are loved not only for the numbers of horses they produce, but also […]

Sliding Glass Roof Coming to 2013 Lincoln MKZ

Ford has announced that its 2013 Lincoln MKZ will feature a huge sliding glass roof. Designed to slide over the car’s back window when open, the glass roof is a nearly unprecedented 15 square feet. Industry observers feel that the new MKZ’s roof will be one key way that it stands out from its competitors […]

The Times They Are a-Changin’—For Police Cars

For years, the image we’ve all been used to in the standard car chase scene is of the bad guy’s exotic sports car being chased down by dozens of Ford Crown Victoria police cars—all of which usually end up smashed by the end of the chase. Well, now it seems that Hollywood is going to […]

Seat Belt Enforcement To Be Stepped Up For Thanksgiving Holiday

Illinois police have announced a stepped up ”Click It or Ticket” campaign across the state. It is hard to turn on the television without seeing a commercial reminding you to put on your seat belt and most holiday drivers are well aware that law enforcement will be out enmasse throughout the holiday season. The ”Click […]

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