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Nowhere is favorable credit more helpful than buying a car, yet not many of us have boastworthy credit ratings, not following this credit crunch. Fortunately, there is an answer: buy here pay here auto lots in Woodstock, IL. Buy here pay here car lots can grant car and truck loans when conventional loan merchants can’t.

Whereas a traditional dealer has you choose your car or truck before discussing your financing deal, BHPH car lots focus on financing before anything else. If you are going to purchase a vehicle from a bad credit car dealer in Woodstock, IL, be certain to limit your per month payment to ten percent of your monthly income. Let’s take a look at some numbers based on the amount people earn, typically, in Woodstock, IL.

Yearly Income: $52,846
Monthly Income: $4,404
Payment: $440

If you can, shell out even less than this amount.

Arranging BHPH Financing Upfront

No need to waste your time hunting down credit acceptance in person. We have made it our goal to get your credit approved – online.

Are You Eligible?

Virtually all car dealers that take bad credit in Woodstock, IL want to see a payment in advance and a monthly salary of $1500 to get approved.