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Because of the recession, lending companies have tightened up their credit standards, and that means it’s more challenging to get car loans. Here is some news that should brighten your day: because car dealerships historically aren’t able to sell cars to consumers who’ve been rejected for financing, dealers have been offering auto loans themselves.

Buy here pay here car lots are dedicated to helping customers who’ve got a bad credit score.

Don’t expect to have a vast pick of cars and trucks, as the autos you qualify to purchase will probably be determined by the money you make minus your existing expenses. The following are a few suggestions based on the average income stats in Macomb.

Yearly Income: $29,165
Monthly Income: $2,430
Payment: $243

Investing any more than this amount will put you at risk of failing to make payments, which would totally wreck your credit.

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Pre-approval makes it much simpler to get your credit approved. Just complete your quick online application, and you could find yourself behind the wheel in just 24 hours. The car dealerships that deal with bad credit in Macomb, IL will require monthly earnings of greater than $1500, not to mention an advance payment of some kind.

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