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Financing a car can be confusing, or even really frustrating, particularly in this economy. Nearly 9,113 of Homewood’s 30,376 residents have low credit scores, which obviously means you’re not alone. Traditionally, car dealerships have been unable to sell cars to consumers with a bad credit score, so more and more dealerships have been offering loans in-house.

In contrast to an old-fashioned bank, they aren’t going to automatically reject you when your fico score isn’t perfect.

They investigate your financial circumstances to figure out the cars that you qualify for.

IL Buy Here Pay Here Budgetary Considerations

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Take income you take home monthly and divide by 10, and don’t dedicate more than this amount for your regular payment. In Homewood, on average, this is a payment of approximately $637 each month. Dealerships sometimes indulge in an awful practice of persuading you to spend beyond what you should on your car or truck. Fight the temptation. If possible, invest even less than this amount.

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Pre-approval streamlines the financing process. Here at Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots Illinois, we can support you in finding a lot who can provide you with a car loan right now!

Do You Qualify?

Many bad credit dealerships in Homewood, IL will want you to have:

  • Proof of Residence, Occupation, and Salary
  • Drivers License
  • Cash Upfront

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