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Sliding Glass Roof Coming to 2013 Lincoln MKZ

Ford has announced that its 2013 Lincoln MKZ will feature a huge sliding glass roof. Designed to slide over the car’s back window when open, the glass roof is a nearly unprecedented 15 square feet.

Industry observers feel that the new MKZ’s roof will be one key way that it stands out from its competitors such as the Ford Fusion.

Meanwhile, Lincoln representatives believe this roof will please lovers of the outdoors. Talking about this, Lincoln marketing manager C.J. O’Donnel said, “People are in a place today where they want to bring the outside in. There’s a trend in architecture and design of increasing natural light in offices, homes, restaurants, hotels. Now that’s being translated into the vehicle.”

As you may know, the MKZ is built in Chicago. Pretty soon these fantastic cars should start showing up on buy here pay here car lots in Chicago and beyond.