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On account of the current recession, loan companies have tightened up their loan criteria, which means it’s more difficult than ever to get an auto loan. Don’t fret. You don’t need a bank or investment company to get an auto loan. You can go to one of several buy here pay here car lots in Illinois. They aren’t going to immediately turn you down due to bad credit.

But you don’t want to count on a wide-ranging selection of cars and trucks. The cars and trucks you are eligible to buy will undoubtedly be decided by how much disposable income you have.

Recommended Monthly Payments For IL residents

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots IL
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In general, you should set aside not more than twenty percent of your monthly budget for your transportation needs, and less than 10% on your car payment itself. For a typical consumer in Illinois, who makes $28,469 annually, this translates to a payment of about $237 every month. Car dealerships often indulge in a bad habit of talking you into spending beyond what you need to on your car, truck, or SUV. Fight this temptation. Wouldn’t it be horrible to end up making your credit a whole lot worse? Don’t stray from your spending budget.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots Illinois: Pre-Approval

You don’t need to head to multiple dealerships in an effort to get your car loan approved. It’s our mission to get your credit accepted online!

Are You Eligible?

Wondering if you qualify? The bad credit dealerships in IL want to see a down payment of 10-20% and a regular monthly income of $1500 for approval.